Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!

We have chickens. Mr. and I had them back in 2018, but had failed to get really detailed in our research of county laws. In the major city of our area, chickens had been legalized for single family residences within city limits. This made big news a few years ago. What I failed to realize was that within the county limits, the new law did not apply. Long story short, I had a run in with county enforcement and had to rehome our beloved chickens.

Fast forward to the end of 2020, and the county got on board and followed suite. We are now LEGAL chicken owners.

Originally, chickens were MY thing. Now they are my HUSBAND’s thing. Mr. is a combat veteran, and the chickens have really become extremely therapeutic for him. I could not be more grateful he has found something that he can really get passionate about and the whole family can enjoy.

We have a total of 5 chickens. They are each different this time so we can tell them apart! We have as follows:

  • Gene, Black Australop
  • Tina, Red Sexlink
  • Louise, Gold Sexlink
  • Linda, Speckled Sussex
  • Gayle, Easter Egger

So what’s it like having chickens?

Honestly it’s pretty easy, rewarding and fun. I will say- our chickens are NOT free range right now. Remember that run in with the county? Someone in the neighborhood didn’t like our chickens. I am not surprised it happened last time- our chickens found their way into the neighbors yards which was really rude on our part (besides the rooster Frank making his presence known). Since we don’t have a privacy fence all the way around right now, they hang out in their coop which I think they prefer. When we are out in the backyard, which is often, we let them out to roam and they head right back to their coop.

Other than that, they eat, drink water, poop and dig in the dirt! They LOVE hotdogs. These chickens are seriously little velociraptors. They have their own personalities, and if I’m honest, Tina my Red Sexlink is the sweetest and most wilely when it comes to nabbing a piece of hotdog.

Meet Tina – she likes butts

Our chickens are still teenagers at the moment. I suspect one roo in the bunch but hope to goodness it’s not. The suspected party is Gayle, my Easter Egger. If a hen, she’d most likely lay Olive tinted eggs! Fingers crossed for a hen. I’ll know soon enough (a couple of months from now) if it’s a hen or roo. Stay tuned friends!

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