It’s here! My Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner

I am so excited! Yesterday as the family was walking out the door to meet up with some friends, I saw my package sitting on the porch.

My beautiful mint green box which clearly meant my EC Monthly planner had gotten here… and it’s gorgeous!

So pretty!

As you can clearly see, this planner is going to be dedicated to my budget.

One of my goals this year is going to be to consistently track my budget in an analog manner alongside my YNAB account. If you don’t know what YNAB is, keep an eye out for an upcoming post, but also check out

Part of me being a Spontaneous Planner is I can never seem to find that “planner peace” – that elusive feeling of having a personal system that just works. I am admittedly still on that journey of peace, as I’m constantly trying to find a solution for capturing all of those things that make my brain, family, home, and finances tick. Recently, in discovering this “Spontaneous Planner Syndrome” I’ve come to realize – focus on one thing at a time, and improve on it. So the first thing I chose to focus on was my budget.

It’s always my budget. I am hyper vigilant about tracking all of my expenses in YNAB. But sometimes being so in the weeds gets me out of the bigger picture. I like to think tactically AND strategically about my budget, and sometimes I feel like YNAB only gives me the space to think tactically about my budget. This is BY design, and very intentional. I still want a place to project, forecast, hypothesize about what my money can do. For me, that forecasting is what keeps me motivated!

I have tried, in a very committed way, to use the Happy Planner Savvy Saver planner. Very luckily I found it on sale, so I gave it a try. I struggled with the set up. It’s pretty, but it was too limiting in how you were to approach it. So I hit up Pinterest, and rolled around the thought of a Bullet Journal, and making my own spreads…. meh… as much as I want it to be my thing, I have to admit to myself when I know something won’t be.

Ok Steph – take it back to what you know…what are the requirements????

  • No Daily Layouts
  • No Weekly Layouts
  • Note pages to free write in (to get the same flavor of freedom a Bullet Journal could offer)
  • Monthly section to visualize the Month in one view (to get a similar feel to the dashboards from Happy Planner)
  • The Notes section needed to be with the month so I could correlate numbers to a particular monthly view.

The Yellow Paper house monthly planner had offered me a lot of these requirements in previous years. I would have stuck with it except the notes pages was all in one section at the ended. This led to a lot of flipping back and forth.

After scouring YouTube, Pinterest, Google, different Planner Facebook groups, all kept pointing me to the Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe.

I recorded my first video ever in an attempt to give you a sense of how I think I’m going to approach my 2021 budget planner.

If you make it to the end, there’s a foul mouthed blooper 😂

Keep an eye out for my budget system going into 2021 as we look to pay off debt and gain financial freedom!

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