About Me

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am married with two boys, two dogs, a cat, a hamster and 5 chickens! I’m a woman heading into her middle aged years trying to figure out what the hell is going on with life. Between full time job as a Product Owner helping development teams build applications, and managing my home and raising two preschoolers, I find I’m sarcastic, funny, caring, and just trying to get my world turned around.

To that end, I consider myself a Millenial Hippie

What the heck is a Millenial Hippie?

I have the distinct privilege of being part of the next most hated generation. We grew up with the internet, we had tamogachis and saw the death of music on MTV. We don’t know what kitchens without microwaves look like, and we assume tens of thousands in student debt at 18 years old is “normal”.

We have our generational burdens still but view the world with a jaded optimism. Leaders in tech are being born from the Millenial generation. We have changed the way the world operates and connects through social media. We started having uncomfortable conversations about what does it mean to be inclusive. Not just what do we say, but what do we do— and I see younger generations taking the lead on transforming our societies and cultures.

Through this modern era and transformation, I want to make sure I personally do not lose my roots, my culture, that grain of spiritual drive to connect to the earth. We are stewards for the world we live in and as much as I am in “Millenial mode”, I do admit I idolize the Hippie era of ethereal spiritualism. I recognize their fights for humankind as well as nature; they had a distinct drive for peace and prosperity and a reintegration with the worlds natural forces.

It’s an interesting paradigm to live in, and one being navigated by individuals WAY smarter than I am- the path to keeping nature and our world at the center as we transform it with technology.

For me, Part of that is learning more about permaculture, growing and eating healthier whole food, using my garden bounty to make herbal remedies and medicines, live a more self reliant life, and find the spirit and magick of this world we live in. That’s the Hippie part of it. I’m also real in knowing I live in a very different, technology based, fast pace ever changing world. And I want to be part of that too – that’s the Millenial side of me.

I have tons of emotions, lots of interests, a huge semblance of clutter. I admit this because I’m looking to work on all of these things about myself! I want to understand my emotions better, I want to explore my interests and I want to harden up some of my weaknesses. Ultimately I want to inspire and be inspired! Thank you so much for taking time to read about me. It’s not everything but there’s plenty of time for us to sip some tea and get to know each other. I can’t wait.