Life of Spontaneity

It’s December 6th 2020, and I realized that my dreams of becoming an uber blogger have fell to the wayside – so is life. So is MY life.

I recently visited where she talked about “Spontaneous Planner Personality” – I felt it in my soul. Deep down on the inside.

My Name is Stephanie, and I am a Spontaneous Planner and life is my hobby!

There – I said it. I am a Spontaneous Planner. I never realized there was a word for it. I assumed for the past 30 some odd years that I was just unorganized, had ADD, was lazy, put all those self loathing adjectives together and at some point in time, I’ve thought it about myself. And it’s really bubbled to the surface a lot of things I find frustrating about myself… over spending, a hard time with home management, difficulty sticking to a diet. I have tons of thoughts in my head on all of the things I need to do, and I have a million ways to track it and a myriad of ways to keep myself accountable. All of this to say – I have GOALS.

So if I have goals, why can I never FEEL like I am meeting them? I think it’s because most things I approach are with this vehement passion that quickly wanes into the next big distraction. I have always been a professional hobbiest, and now I’m realizing it has become my adulating methodology. What I have come to learn is progress is slow and I will forever be perfecting my process. This is something I have to embrace and really own, just like I do at work in an Agile world.

Follow me as I work on a few things in life:

  • Establishing my goals
    • Defining my goals
    • Visualizing my goals
    • Developing a plan to set my goals into motion
    • Creating microplans to implement
    • Tracking my success!
  • Continue my path toward Financial Freedom
  • Find peace in my Garden
  • Better manage my Home